Aquatic Robotics Summer Camp by the Maritime Museum

2018 Aquatic Robotics & Junior Aquatics Engineer Summer Camps

Every summer, the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Maritime Museum and Research Center's education program holds an Aquatic Robotics Summer Camp.  Campers participate in a week-long program that matches maritime history and maritime industry with STEM activities, and most importantly, the hands-on construction of a fully operating ROV with an underwater camera.

Looking for an exciting, educational, fun, unique summer camp experience for your child? The Lake Pontchartrain Basin Maritime Museum will offer four weeks of hands-on educational fun with its 2018 Aquatic Robotics and Junior Aquatics Engineers Summer Day Camps. Each week-long camp offers the same activities based on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

In the Aquatic Robotics Camp the campers will each construct and take home an underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV) complete with lights, camera, and monitor. Included are presentations about the ROV industry, ROV demonstrations and videos, and even field trips to area ROV facilities, where campers learn from the experts how ROVs are used in industry.

The NEW Junior Aquatic Engineers Summer Camp is an introduction to STEM-related maritime activities and demonstrations. The campers will construct and take home a submersible submarine!

  • 2018 Aquatic Robotics Camp (Ages 11-15)
    June 11-15, June 25-29, July 9-13 - $395 per camper

    2018 Junior Aquatic Engineers Summer Camp (Ages 9-10)
    July 23-27 - $195 per camper

Enrollment is limited. Contact Mary “Trixie” LeBlanc, Education Coordinator, for more information. Phone: (985) 845-9200 Email:

Tel: (985) 643-2944
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Aquatic Robotics Summer Camp by the Maritime Museum