Murder Among Friends
    Dates: September 7, 2018 - September 22, 2018
    Recurring: Recurring weekly on Friday, Saturday
    Time: 8pm Fridays and Saturdays
    Price: $25-$32.50 + online fees
    Location: Cutting Edge Theater
    Address: 767 Robert Blvd., Slidell, LA 70458
    Phone: (985) 649-3727

Cutting Edge Theater presents Murder Among Friends, September 7-22, 2018 Performances are Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm. 

Bob Barry’s 1975 Murder Among Friends tells the twisted tale of socialite/actress-show biz wife Angela Forester, her husband Palmer Forester, the Saidenbergs (Gertrude and Marshall), and a theatrical agent named Ted Cotton.

Take an aging, exceedingly vain actor, his very rich wife; a double dealing, double loving agent plunk them down in an elegant New York duplex on New Years’ eve and add dialogue crackling with wit and laughs and you have the basic elements for an evening of pure, sophisticated entertainment.

Angela, the wife and Ted, the agent, are lovers and plan to murder Palmer, the actor, during a contrived robbery on New Year’s Eve. But actor and agent are also lovers and have an identical plan to do in the wife. A murder occurs, but not one of the planned ones.

It is a tale of infidelity, blackmail and counterfeit corpus delicti among the rich and famous. Sounds like this could be a serious evening, but like certain others of its genre, Murder Among Friends lets the audience in for what turn out to be laughs. Barry introduces some surprising plot twists and cynical humor along the way. Think “Deathtrap” or “Murder by Death.”

Murder Among Friends
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  • Cutting Edge Theater
  • $25-$32.50 + online fees
  • Recurring weekly on Friday, Saturday