Abita Springs Trailhead & Museum
22275 Hwy. 36
Abita Springs, LA 70420
Tel: (985) 817-5327

The center of Abita Springs is its Trailhead Plaza, a stop on the Tammany Trace hiking/biking/riding trail. The plaza features the historic, renovated, two-story Abita Pavilion, under which rests Princess Abita, a statue commemorating the "healing waters" of the town. The plaza is also home the historic bachelor quarters of the 19th-century Longbranch Hotel, moved from its former place in nearby woods to the Trailhead, where today it houses the Abita Springs Trailhead Museum. The museum chronicles Abita Springs' history as a resort town, renowned for its clear artesian springs and promoted "healing" qualities, and hosts regular historic exhibits as well as a gift shop with Trace information. Attached to the museum is an outdoor performance stage, where the town hosts special events and festivals, including the popular Louisiana Busker Festival, Abita Springs Water Festival, the Natural Living Fest, and more. With live music, plus a splash fountain and nearby playground, the kids have plenty to do. On Sunday afternoons, the Trailhead is also home to the Abita Springs Farmers Market, selling local produce and prepared foods, and arts and crafts. Most weekends features live music from the stage.