2nd Annual Corporate Adult Spelling Bee
    Dates: September 28, 2019
    Time: 6:00 PM
    Price: Free for spectators, $300 entry per spelling team
    Location: Elmer E. Lyon Auditorium at Covington High School
    Address: 73030 Lions Dr., Covington, LA 70433
    Phone: (985) 893-4123

Join the Kiwanis Club of Greater Covington for the 2nd annual Corporate Spelling Bee on Saturday, September 28, 6pm, at Covington High School's Elmer E. Lyon Auditorium, 73030 Lions Dr., Covington.

Each three-member team will be sponsored by groups made up of spellers from banks, law firms, medical practices, hospitals, civic clubs, nonprofit groups, corporations and other businesses or groups. A goal of the spelling bee is to provide funds for the Kiwanis Club of Greater Covington to promote projects that directly involve the kids of the Covington community.

Light refreshments and snacks will be sold by Kiwanis Club of Greater Covington Key Club members as a fundraiser for their respective key clubs.

The fee for each sponsored team is $300. The first-place winning team of the spelling bee will receive their entry fee of $300 in the form of a donation made on their behalf by the Kiwanis Club of Greater Covington to their charity of choice benefiting the Covington community.


A master of ceremonies will welcome spectators, explain the rules, introduce the enunciator and two arbiters will be on hand to respond to questions that may arise during the bee, and any disputes will be resolved by the judges.

In traditional Spelling Bee practice, each team is given an word by an enunciator, who speaks a word, gives its definition and pronounces the word again. The team confers and its designated speller pronounces, spells, and pronounce the word again. Each team will have 30 seconds to spell its word.

Teams may not use phones, computers, additional electronics or any sort of reference materials during the Spelling Bee.

The spelling bee is conducted in rounds. Upon spelling a word correctly, the team moves on to the next round. If a word is misspelled, the team is eliminated and lowers their balloons to the floor.  The team may choose at the appropriate time to use any pre-purchased redemption cards (Rebuzz, Buzz Off and Stingers). All teams are to remain seated at their table until a winner is declared.

Rebuzz: Each team has the option of buying their way out of a misspelling elimination, up to a maximum of three words, by purchasing a Rebuzz to re-enter the competition. An audience member or a sponsor may pay for a Rebuzz on behalf of any team.

Buzz offs: Teams may pass on spelling a word (“buzz off”) to a maximum of two words in the competition. These words are discarded.

Stinger: If a team receives a word that they have no clue how to spell, they can use a Stinger (maximum 1 Stinger per team), allowing them to pass on spelling the word AND to require another team to spell it. If the "stung" team does not know the word, they can use a Stinger and pass the word to a different team (no boomerangs!). If a team uses their Stinger, it is as if they spelled the word correctly and will advance to the next round. Teams may purchase a maximum of one Stinger.

When only two teams remain, one team is given a word, and if they misspell it, the remaining team must spell that word correctly and one more word to be declared the winner. If this second team misspells their second word, then the first team must spell the word and then one more word correctly. The competition will continue until one of the two teams spell two consecutive words correctly. Redemption cards may not be used once there are only 2 teams remaining.

Each participating group is asked to furnish the names of the three spellers as soon as they are recruited. The Kiwanis Club of Greater Covington can assist in the recruitment of spellers for any group need help. An alternate may also be selected in the event that a team member cannot participate. For information and to sign up, contact Lynn Delacruz at (985) 893-4123 or kcovington2532@gmail.com.

2nd Annual Corporate Adult Spelling Bee
  • to
  • Elmer E. Lyon Auditorium at Covington High School
  • Free for spectators, $300 entry per spelling team