Old Mandeville Virtual Home Tour
    Dates: May 9, 2021 - May 30, 2021
    Recurring: Recurring daily
    Price: $25 for unlimited online access
    Location: Virtual Event
    Address: Mandeville, LA 70448
    Phone: (225) 715-3448

Tickets are now available for the Old Mandeville Historic Association Virtual Home Tour. This tour of homes in Old Mandeville will be available for online viewing beginning Sunday, May 9, 2021.

Four private homes in the historic district welcomed OMHA's videography team for prerecorded interview tours. Each 20-30 minute tour focuses on the home through the eyes of the owner: the architecture, the renovation process, the artwork and collections, the landscape, the house’s history. Each tour will be as unique as the home and the homeowner featured.

The tour is sponsored by the Old Mandeville Historic Association (OMHA), a nonprofit corporation 501(c)3 founded to preserve and promote the history and cultural heritage of Old Mandeville for future generations. The tour celebrates the cultural and architectural heritage of Mandeville and encourages historic preservation.

The virtual home tour includes interviews with homeowners who passionately love their homes, and each has amassed a range of life experiences and objects through which they inform us about their lives in these homes. Each owner lived through and rebounded from the trauma of Hurricane Katrina. Each has worked hard to ensure that their home will be preserved for future generations.

This tour is an important fundraiser for OMHA. Proceeds from the sale of tickets will be used for various projects, including our outreach to school children, the publication of walking tour guides, and the ongoing rehabilitation of the Jean Baptiste Lang House. (For a tour of the Lang House Museum, stop by the historic house museum Thursdays – Fridays 10-4, Saturdays 10-1; 605 Carroll Street.)

Tickets, which give the purchaser unlimited online viewing access to view all four private home tours as they are launched weekly beginning May 9, are $25 and are available on OMHA’s website: OldMandevilleHistoricAssociation.org/home-tour.

The tour also includes a lagniappe: a bonus Lang House Museum tour. See OMHA’s Facebook page for up-to-date details: Facebook.com/OldMandevilleHistoricAsso.

A slideshow previewing the tour is available at https://vimeo.com/538849264.

About the Tour

Mandeville was founded in 1834 by Bernard Xavier de Marigny de Mandeville across Lake Pontchartrain from New Orleans). The historic part of the city of Mandeville consists of a unique collection of homes, many of which were constructed as summer retreats by well-to-do New Orleanians wishing to escape the city's heat.

Herry-Discon-Williams House, circa 1930
This casual yet elegant bungalow, built in the 1930s in New Orleans, sits a block from Lake Pontchartrain. Its side hall, French doors, and casement windows bring the tropical outdoors in and create a Caribbean feel to this camelback-style home, with its sumptuous nooks and crannies at every turn.
Mulligan-Burguieres House, circa 1915
Tucked behind a nearly impenetrable thicket of native vegetation lies the charmingly eclectic home and lush grounds belonging to Ernest Burguières and D. Winn Venable, a circa 1911 colonial revival cottage renovated to create a very personal yet welcoming space, replete with a mélange of family furniture, paintings and yard art.
Depre-Firmin-Dischler House, circa 1882
This shotgun with enclosed sidehall is the colorful and vibrant haven of artist Tanya Firmin Dischler. A visit to her home allows you not only to see her art but also to explore the family history, travel, environment, and artworks that have inspired her craft.
Prieur-Hartman House, circa 1843
This Creole Cottage has evolved over the years: first to an ornate Victorian house, then to a Craftsman, and finally, during its elevation in 2015, to a hybrid that has elements from all those periods. The same family has owned and loved this home for almost 100 years, and Becky and Leonard Rohrbough share why they treasure this lakefront property with its magnificent oaks, family artwork, heirloom furniture and original architectural details.

605 Carroll St.
Tel: (504) 723-7714
The Jean Baptiste Lang House, located on the Mandeville lakefront at 605 Carroll Street, is one of the few Anglo-Creole… Read More
Old Mandeville Virtual Home Tour