St. John Fools of Misrule Twelfth Night March
    Dates: January 12, 2019
    Time: 6:00 PM
    Price: Free
    Location: Historic St. John District, Downtown
    Address: Covington, LA 70433

The 8th annual St. John Fools of Misrule Feast of Fools and Street March takes place on Saturday, January 12, 2019. The "Fools" (men) and "Jewels" (women) of this marching krewe take to the streets of Covington on the Saturday closest to Twelfth Night, also known as King's Day or The Epiphany, to herald the arrival of Carnival season on the Northshore.

The St. John Fools of Misrule take their name from the historic St. John District in Covington through which they march each year, and the “Foolish Tradition” itself comes from an ancient English custom whereby men “clamored along the evening streets creating unruliness with cowbells and whips while delivering jeers and spankings to those caught on the street unaware.”

This procession through Covington's historic St. John District begins first with a members-only "Feast of Fools" at Seiler Bar and Columbia Street Tap Room & Grill (434 N. Columbia St.). Then, at 6pm, the beautifully costumed krewe marches from Seiler Bar to the Covington Trailhead to crown the "Lord of Misrule." The revelers, including flambeaux, a brass band and masked marchers in extravagant medieval attire, then set out to carouse through downtown Covington.

The Fools and Jewels follow a route along New Hampshire Street to Boston, and north along Columbia back to the Seiler, stopping at watering holes and restaurants along the way.

The St. John Fools of Misrule formed in 2011, marching on the Saturday closest to January 6, Twelfth Night.

Photos: Matthew Schlenker for St. John Fools of Misrule

St. John Fools of Misrule Twelfth Night March