Abita Springs Spirit Stick
22044 Main St.
Abita Springs, LA 70420


Perhaps the most noticeable part of Abita Springs Park is the "Spirit Stick" totem, a colorful addition to the park erected in October 2017. Totems are collective symbols that represent both God and society, and many Abita residents have long considered the town's clean air and pure water to be sacred. The Spirit Stick totem honors the town's past through Choctaw symbology while celebrating the presence of local businesses and attractions. Businesses represented on the totem for their contributions to the Trailhead Museum are Abita Brewing Company, Abita Sno-ball Stand, Abita Veterinary Practice, Blitch/Knevel Architects, the Women's Center for Healing & Transformation, Abita Springs Cafe, and Abita Brew Pub. If you'll notice up top, there's a weather station, which will be used as a teaching tool in the Museum. There's also a webcam to deliver images of the Abita Beer Stage and the Museum 24 hours a day on the Internet. Copy+paste this link for the most accurate weather report in Abita: https://www.wunderground.com/weather/us/la/abita-springs/KLAABITA4 Funded by local energy company Cleco, the piece was conceived by Trailhead Museum vice-president George Long and designed by esteemed artist and sign maker Dave Kelsey, who has worked in scenic design on numerous films. Learn more about this as well as the legend of Princess Abita in the Trailhead Museum.