Explore the Northshore Spring/Summer 2023

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Global Wildlife Center


Located in the northwest corner of St. Tammany Parish, the village of Folsom is surrounded by a gently rolling landscape of wooded glens and green pasture. Folsom is horse country and home to the annual Harvest Cup Polo Classic, held in the fall. Three Bed and Breakfasts offer a chance to escape to nature in style. Don't miss Global Wildlife Center, the largest free-roaming animal preserve in the country, which gives visitors of all ages an awe-inspiring, up-close encounter with thousands of exotic and endangered creatures via wagon-tour safaris through the park’s 900 savanna-like acres. Try cracklins or boiled peanuts from the Folsom Village Market, held twice (sometimes thrice) a month, or catch a cup of coffee and a pastry at the welcoming Giddy Up Café.